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I am so happy you found your way to my page. 


Whether you stumbled upon me or were referred to me, here is a personal welcome from me to you. 
To catch you up, I moved to Los Angeles from New York, though my career in voice over still gets me up at the crack of dawn; that’s the beauty of having your own broadcast home studio, you can work with people all across all timezones.


Back in New York, I was fortunate enough to be a part of the theater community, with my last show being Atlantic Theater Company’s Off Broadway production, She Persisted, a New York Time’s Critic’s Best Pick.
Chasing the sunshine, I dipped to Los Angeles where I have continued to build my community of creatives. Starring in Androphobia, a STATEME Production film, further grew my love for film, inspiring me to try my hand at writing my first feature film. 

Believe you me, writer’s block is vcsahgjkc…


My boxing coach on the other hand thinks its great motivation for when I get in the ring. In the long run it works out, right? Considering my ultimate goal is to play a superhero, I guess we can just call it superhero training.  

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Deep in March Madness; check out my latest VO campaigns for ESPN and ABC.


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