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ESSENCE Hollywood House

Essence Black Women in Hollywood, including Hollywood House, was a two day event celebrating Black women in Hollywood and their achievements. Directly supported the auspice, Erica Cobb, for a special segment for the nationally syndicated Daily Blast Live tv special. Fielded all publicists & correlating clients in order to create a seamless, flowing lineup of interviews.

Horny For Love

A podcast about actress Andrea Christensen & writer John Anthony Loffredo’s quest for love & life in LA. As the producer & key editor on this comedic, unscripted, half hour series, Amber provided creative direction and guided the development process while also spearheading marketing and PR ideas for the podcast. Amber was also responsible for onboarding additional crew such as a music producer to produce an original theme song. 


Grand Rising Talent

From podcast editing to ghostwriting, I have been working as a freelance media professional for Grand Rising Talent and their roster of clients. A great place to put to use multiple of my skills. Check out my Linkedin for more details on the projects I've completed for them.

Queens Gaming Collective

Queens Gaming Collective is a social platform leveling the playing field for women in the world of gaming. Amber supported the lead producer for the NY division, through a multi-media shoot for the launch of the platform.

EXETER - Season 3

I was brought on as Production Coordinator for the narrative podcast, Exeter.  After its second season, Exeter was optioned by Audible and AMC to build out the crime detective world. This was a perfect job to put my voiceover, technical audio expertise, and producing skills together.


With a versatile history working across  theater, podcasts, television, commercials and features,  Amber has cultivated creative development, marketing, and branding strategies in order to bring ideas to life from start to finish.

Check out my professional resume and creative portfolio.

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