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That’s a wrap on #essencefest ! This was my first time at the festival and my head is still spinning from all the panels, events and activations.

My favorite experience was attending the Essence Film Festival and watching the 846 short films presented by Procter & Gamble and Tribeca Festival. They challenged four filmmakers to create films highlighting black love and joy within eight minutes and forty six seconds, which was how long it took George Floyd to shake up the world.

I cried, I was inspired, and I fell further in love with the this art form. Big congrats to Essence and Essence Studios for putting their first film festival together. I hope to showcase my own work there one day.

Another successful weekend of panels, mixers, and award shows. From BET House/Weekend to the Hollywood Unlocked Impact Awards.

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She’s a west coast girl! At the end of August 2021, I made the decision to pack up my life and move cross country. So far it’s proven to be the right move for me. Breathing new energy into my life and into my career. I cannot wait to see what LA has in store for me.

We back baby! I was performing in She Persisted, an exuberant feminist rallying cry, at the Atlantic Theater Company, when ‘Rona caused our premature closure. Thankfully we commissioned to create a new digital remount of the show. The team reconvened back in October for three weeks to film a newly adapted show meant for the small screen. She Persisted (the virtual musical) opened late November and closed on January 21st! We also had an amazing panel with The Chelsea Clinton herself to talk about our achievements in this new medium. Check out the panel on Atlantic Theater Company’s youtube channel or watch a clip on my instagram.

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I had the pleasure of attending LinkedIn x CultureCon Celebrating Black Creatives Juneteenth Celebration on Saturday. It was one of the more successful events I’ve attended since moving to LA.

They curated a space that inspired conversation amongst the guests that allowed me to leave with meaningful relationships with my peers.


Since January 2021, I have been working as a Voice Over Artist for ESPN. Some of the promos and campaigns have aired on ABC, radio, and exclusively on ESPN and their affiliate networks. From College Basketball, March Madness, to the WNBA Draft, you can find a select few of the spots I have voiced here.

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In 2020, I filmed co-stars for both “Bull” and “New Amsterdam.”

I was invited to talk on an Actor’s Panel at the London International Web and Shorts Film Festival. Also With You, a comedic film I starred in was accepted into the festival and I was honored to represent the film during the panel. You can listen to a clip of the panel on my instagram!

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